"The Portuguese are anti-Spanish racists! Say NO to Portuguese everywhere on the planet! DON'T do business with them in any way, shape, or form! Portugal e uma merda!" Ruben Teixeira (2017).

"I Highly suggest that all those who are the victims of Portuguese constant Racial slurs unite and Veto these pathetic and multi-generational backward people (Sometimes also referred to as follows within a Global Context: Bacaladitos, Lusos, Portugee, Poortugee, Portoputas, Portugypsies, Azorians, etc.). A good start would be boycotting their wines, businesses, stores, soccer teams, and the ethnic group itself. Challenge them, Educate them - if you can because talking to a Portuguese is like talking to a Brick Wall - in order to Make them understand that this form of Racist behavior is NOT acceptable nor tolerated in today's society." Dr. Fuzeta (2015).